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06 Mor~ning

Yeep. Hulloh.
Oh… what, it’s you? What’s up? For so~me reason or other you wanted to hear it? My voice? I see, I see. You like me that much? There, there.
Ah? You want to hear it? Sweet whispers? Got it. I’ll say it.
I, really love, you. The truth is, since long ago I’ve always alwaaaaaays liked you.
Ah, of course, I want to be together with you, always by your side. That’s right. I want to. Always by your side.
It’s lonely. I’ve been thinking why is it that I can’t see you everyday.
Ah? Ah? Ahh! W-w-w-w-what? I, what did I just say?
It’s not like that, okay. Don’t you misunderstand! Because just now I was talking while half-sleep.
Eh? You’re happy? I-Idiot. You shouldn’t be that super happy about it. Generally, you know, I don’t say important things like this often, because then the words will lose their meaning in the times when you want to convey it the most. They shouldn’t be said on a whim.
Geez. You know I’m not a morning person so you make absurd requests, huh.
Aah, even though I wanted to sleep more, I’m wide awake now. P-Are you listening properly?
"I’m getting ready to go out", aren’t you dodging the question!
It’s only a word, so in return, go and say “I like you”. “I like you.”!
Nope. Don’t get shy over it. I said it earlier.
Ah… just now… what did I just say…… Say you like m-me.
Ohh, take care, see you-
Hm? Ah? Eh? Ehh! She hung up!

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Hehehe, saying such corny things sleepily XD

 Tomorrow ^^
 Tomorrow ^^
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"Make way, CEO Myeon coming thru" (c)



So I was innocently watching this in my room with the door closed,Don’t judge me, as if you haven’t

20120818 JongHyun Taemin - Internet War (종현아,JongHyun_A) - YouTube

When my mom decides to check up on me.The second she enters she sees this.


She was like “What is this”


I was in…

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do you ever just think about byun baekhyun’s neck doin the thing 




like um what the fuck


how th e heck




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some fans' reactions for the comeback delay disgusts me. some exo fans do and say some questionable things way too often, no wonder why people generalize the exo fandom and call us crazy, stupid, delulu and so on. i genuinely am embarrassed to be part of this fandom.
- Anonymous


Hey guys I know we’re all excited for our boys to comeback but having respect for the passengers/students of the ferry is much more relevant. I just think it takes more than to reblog and like a post to truly care about a situation so please pray sincerely or just keep them in your thoughts. I can’t imagine the feeling of not knowing if my child is okay and having no concrete answer. Exo will comeback eventually but unfortunately that is not the case for all who went on the ferry. So with this said I would appreciate it if you could refrain leaving our inbox with negative comments regarding less than respectful fans. I know most of the response is supportive but their are some who have no grasp of how heartbreaking this situation is and that is a pity but I would rather keep our inbox with positive support.

In no way was I attacking your comment I just wanted to get this out there. Thank you! :)

"Someone call the doctor."

said every EXO fan at once (via derpingwithexo)
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wow i actually really like the music on your blog *-* do you have a download link? or just where i can find it? name? something? i need to have these xD


here you go bb it’s all in order

1. Lord Seungri (ps: a couple of these songs are remixed by a youtuber named tzechar and they’re really cool and trippy but super relaxing check out this) (pss: the bigbang ones are the best man)

2. Blue (Mature Remix)

3. It’s Cold (Lullaby Remix)

4. Baby Don’t Cry (this one is different than the one in my playlist bc the original DL link is floating around here on tumblr.)

5. Gotta Talk To U (Hustlin’ Remix)

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